TDC NET is the world's first company with a scientifically based goal of being net-zero by 2030

TDC NET becomes the first company in the world to achieve a validation of its 2030 goal of net-zero throughout the value chain by the Science Based Targets initiative.

Published on: Oct 20, 2022 | Written by: Varnika Srivastava

Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) would like to congratulate its Corporate Board Member, TDC NET for becoming the first company in the world to achieve validation of its 2030 goal of net-zero throughout the value chain by the Science Based Targets initiative.  

TDC NET constructs, owns, and manages national digital infrastructure as the top provider of digital infrastructure in Denmark. One of their core beliefs is that businesses in the digital industry have the highest chances of achieving science-based net-zero targets and should take the lead in addressing climate change. With that in mind, TDC NET has established an ambitious goal to reach net-zero operations by 2028 and a net-zero value chain by 2030 (compared to 2020) - two decades earlier than the goals outlined in the Paris Agreement in 2015.  

TDC NET has started several projects to lower its CO2 emissions and is actively working toward the goal of net-zero in 2030 by concentrating on energy optimization, lowering the more than 1,300 vehicle kilometers driven, replacing obsolete technology with new, energy-efficient ones, and establishing four new solar parks. TDC NET will start cutting its own CO2 emissions in half in 2023 and reach zero in 2028. (Scope 1 and 2), while consumer and supplier emissions must be net-zero by 2030 (Scope 3).

"It is a decisive recognition of our ambitious climate work. As Denmark's largest supplier of digital infrastructure, we take our social responsibility very seriously, and by being the first company in the world with an SBTi validation of a 2030 goal of net zero emissions, we are leading the way and showing the way. We want to run a net-zero business as soon as possible and take our share of social responsibility to promote the green transition in Denmark with our strong digital infrastructure and well-developed technological solutions," says the Director of Corporate Affairs at TDC NET Inge Hansen.  

Mapping and cooperation with the full value chain are crucial for TDC NET to accomplish its goals. Currently, the suppliers' operations account for almost 80% of the scope 3 emissions produced by TDC NET. Given that the procurement department has a significant impact on the choice of new suppliers and services, TDC NET has concentrated on integrating sustainability into the department. The department has received training in a variety of areas, including how to reduce CO2 emissions and what information must be gathered in order to determine the effect of new products or services on TDC NET's overall CO2 emissions. 

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