PRESS RELEASE: Closing the Loop joins the Digital with Purpose (DwP) Movement

Digital with Purpose Movement welcomes Closing the Loop as Members.

Published on: Aug 18, 2021 | Written by: Mark Evans

We are very pleased to announce that Closing the Loop is joining the Digital with Purpose (DwP) Movement initiated by the Global Enabling Sustainability Initiative (GeSI). 

Closing the Loop is a social enterprise based in Amsterdam whose vision is to recycle IT hardware and provide a service for zero waste ICT. The company makes sure that reusable materials are not lost but circulates back into manufacturing, recycling old devices to compensate for new ones. Closing the Loop’s mission is to make electronics waste-free and it won the “Circular Award” in 2018 for it. 

Joining the DwP Movement and partnering with GeSI is an invaluable next step for Closing the Loop. Accessing the unique DwP framework will support Closing the Loop to further develop responsible practices particularly important to the company. Metrics covering multiple areas from digital trust and responsibility to circular economy, climate change and supply chain will not only support them in carbon reduction but also guide their path to a more responsible business activity for both themselves and their clients. 

''Being part of Digital with Purpose helps us to align with others in the industry to deliver pragmatic solutions that make the tech industry more circular,” said Closing the Loop Founder Joost de Kluijver. 

“We are pleased to have Closing the Loop as a Digital with Purpose Movement Member. Companies joining the DWP Movement are taking a fresh and progressive approach to how they do business. They are building for the long-term. Creating a purpose-driven business by confronting their carbon footprint, exploring smarter ways of achieving greater equality and diversity, as well as taking more responsibility for customer data, security and privacy," said GeSI CEO Luis Neves. 

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