Members and Partners


Swisscom joined the activities of GeSI in June 2011 Swisscom has been looking for an international consortium of suppliers/manufacturers and Telco providers, a platform to drive sustainable topics on a broader basis. Swisscom realised that future topics like conflict minerals, learning & capability management and influence on future standards (GHG Protocol) can only be further progressed by an international organisation with a relationship to all stakeholders involved. Swisscom's engagement is primarily focusing on activities in various working groups, e.g. the Supply Chain Working Group, which is addressing topics like supplier assessment, conflict minerals, LC&B, carbon footprinting. Benefits are exchange of best practice, case studies, regular conference calls and access to a network of professionals having similar objectives within their organisations. Additionally, GeSI provides a broad offering and access to workshops, conferences and roundtables covering projects to drive a sustainable ICT future of which Swisscom takes advantage. Swisscom strongly believes that joining GeSI creates substantial value for a member, providing CSR is an integral part of a company's overall strategy.