Members and Partners

Global Climate Forum

In 2001, a group of people representing European research institutes, NGOs, and businesses founded the European Climate Forum. Gradually, our network has expanded well beyond Europe, through linkages with the US, China, Australia and other regions of the world. Therefore, in 2011 the members' assembly decided to change the name of the organization to Global Climate Forum – GCF. The Global Climate Forum initiates and performs innovative research on climate change and related global challenges. We are an association of institutes, companies, NGOs and individual researchers. We work in the network of governments, corporations and social movements that has formed around the issue of climate change. We do this by embedding our research in long-term stakeholder dialogues. Our aim thereby is not necessarily to reach a consensus, but to develop a variety of well-considered opinions. Often, this is the best foundation for sound decisions. Our studies provide arguments for long-term climate mitigation and adaptation policies, ultimately leading towards a sustainable development path. GCF joint studies focus on problems, which different stakeholders have differing views on. GCF's goal is to clarify differences and produce analyses that summarise and advance our state of knowledge in critical areas. The forum cultivates a pluralistic exchange in which different points of view are freely expressed and debated, on a basis of mutual respect.