Blockchains for the European Green Deal and SDGs

An initiative of European Partners for the Environment and Be the SDGs hosted by the European Economic and Social Committee Observatory on SDGs and the EESC Partnership with Civil Society

Jan 14, 2020 | Jan 14, 2020
  • 9:15 AM - 5:00 PM
  • TRE 7701 - Trèves Building, 7th floor, 74 rue de Trèves, 1040 Brussels

To deliver the European Green Deal, there is a need to rethink policies for clean energy supply across the economy, industry, production and consumption, large-scale infrastructure, transport, food and agriculture, construction, taxation and social benefits. To achieve these aims, it is essential to increase the value given to protecting and restoring natural ecosystems, to the sustainable use of resources and to improving human health. This is where transformational change is most needed and potentially most beneficial for the EU economy, society and natural environment. The EU should also promote and invest in the necessary digital transformation and tools as these are essential enablers of the changes. 

The workshop will review the role of blockchains in support of a participative Green Deal as the Green Deal for Europe should be designed in such a way that blockchain would be in place to secure a better tracing of EU money in the framework of structural funds used to contribute to the implementation of the SDGs and climate agreement. In particular the Blockchain Observatory and its eco-system of blockchains for the SDGs will bring together relevant experts who together create a knowledge base to inform on risks mitigation in the public interest and the social good. 

See the draft agenda here.


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